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Psyhology Case Study Essay examples

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Psychology Case Study The ego of a person has four important functions:1. sensation -- appropriating the external world through body stimulation2. Thinking – reasoning about experience using logic as our guide3. Feeling – responding to the affects, emotional energy, that specifies value as + or -4. Intuition – spontaneous awareness of a whole situation.These conscious functions work in pairs. The judging functions are thinking and feeling. The perceiving functions are sensation and intuition.The four unconscious or endopsychic functions reside on the fringe of ego consciousness. They are not controlled by the will.1. Memory – things that are forgotten in the sense that they are filed away2. Subjective components of the conscious functions – an inferior shadow of the conscious functions, their margin or error or inadmissibility, as it were3. Affects –emotional energy, highly contagious4. Invasions –an interface between the person and the collective unconscious where the unconscious can bubble up in a normal way. Like Lee as a young man, the misery can be so constant, so great, and seem so seemingly endless that one wants to die--to escape the pain. In the U.S. one person every minute attempts suicide; one person every 24 minutes succeeds. There are more suicides than murders. Even among teenagers, it is third only to accidents and homicides. Almost 500,000 teenagers attempt suicide each year, not counting suicides disguised as "accidents" (McCoy, 1982). Martin Seligman (2002) was once best known for his research of learned helplessness, an important aspect of hopelessness and unhappiness. He became interested in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in which the patient is helped to look for evidence for and against his/her own beliefs. Hi...

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...child" is happy or unhappy? Is it free and having fun (part of the time)? Is it suppressed and angry? Has it felt forced to adapt by being sickly (and complaining) or weak or disruptive or rebellious or deceptive? Later in this chapter we will study the "games people play;" these "games" are devised primarily by the unhappy adaptive "child" to get some pay off to replace the love and attention it can't get by straight-forward interactions . References Ainsworth, M. B. S., M. C. Blehar, E. Waters, and S. Wall. Patterns of Attachment. Hillsdale, NJ: L. Erlbaum, 1978. Bowlby, J. Attachment. New York: Basic Books, 1969. Bowlby, J. Loss: Sadness and Depression. New York: Basic Books, 1980. Lenneberg, E.H. Biological Foundations of Language. Nay York: Wiley, 1967. Smith, F. and Miller, G.A. (Eds.). The genesis of Language. Cambridge: M.I.T.Press, 1966.

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