The Psychosocial Development Reflecting Upon Self Growth And Development

The Psychosocial Development Reflecting Upon Self Growth And Development

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The Chickering’s theory explains the psychosocial development reflecting upon self growth and development (Blimling, p.137-138). It consists of seven vectors that share different areas of development you find yourself in at various points in your life, and at multiple times (Class #1 Powerpoint). The seven vectors are: developing competence, managing emotion, autonomy to interdependence, developing mature interpersonal relationships, establishing identity, developing integrity, and developing purpose. These vectors are all major “highways” in order to individualize yourself all throughout your life. Thus, no one can “master” a specific vector as they are a guidance towards personal growth and self development (Class #1 Powerpoint). Since new experiences are always forming, you will always be revising a vector, if not multiple vectors. Ever since entering college, I’ve noticed a reflection on the following three vectors: managing emotion, autonomy to interdependence, and establishing identity.
Managing emotion shifts locus of control externally to internally. It explains the increasing awareness of feelings and learning how to understand and trust these feelings (Blimling, p.140). There are two processes involved. The first process is moving from controlling one’s own behavior because external influence to a process of controlling behavior through internal processes. The second process is the differentiation and integration, which is the awareness of one’s emotions, acting on emotions, receiving feedback on actions, and exercising internal control of actions and integrating emotions. (Blimling, p.140) Throughout my high school years, I’ve always acted my emotions based on the external social standards. Back then, I believed th...

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... self development in those areas after coming to college. Managing emotions was by far the hardest for me because it required a lot of acting based on internal emotions when I am a emotionally dependent individual. But as I received more feedback based on my immediate reaction, I was able to incorporate that into my future responses to those emotions. Being financially independent made me view school and academics in a different way. I felt as the responsibility of doing well in school and getting straight A’s is no longer for my parents but for myself. Because of the last two vectors, I am able to find my inner self in regard to the topic of identity and how much that has played out in my life. Even though I am nowhere near “perfect” with these vectors, I know and have seen positive changes toward interdependence as I go through the process every day of my life.

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