The Psychosexual Stages Of Today 's Society Essay

The Psychosexual Stages Of Today 's Society Essay

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Homosexuality is very prominent in today’s society. In the 20th century and even before that, same-sex feelings and marriages were barely even heard of, since the majority of people were heterosexual and married the opposite sex. Even from a psychological view, it was considered a mental illness. Throughout the late 20th century into the 21st century, same-sex relationships became a huge topic. Finally, on June 26, 2015, same-sex marriage became legalized in all fifty states of America (CNN). Many people rejoiced as this marked a new beginning and new point in American history. But are there causes by which people become homosexual or bisexual? Some different theories/causes of homosexuality are looked at through the psychodynamic theory, the nature versus nurture debate, and biological factors.
Sigmund Freud came up with the Psychodynamic theory of personality. What this theory is saying is that the unconscious mind, like wishes or desires, effects our behavior. Part of this theory is the psychosexual stages of development. This describes the different stages a person goes through from baby to adult. During the ages of three and five, they go through the phallic stage, which everything has to do with the genitals and finding out the differences between sexes. There are times, however, that children get fixated in this stage and go through the phenomenon of either the Oedipal or Electra complex. These complexes occur when a male is attracted to their mom and a female is attracted to their dad. It can go as far as having sexual desires for their parents but in this case, that is not the reason. For example, if a boy has a strong connection with their mom and their father is either not in the picture, abusive, or not dominating, th...

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...mic theory, the nurture side of the debate, and different biological theories, there are many causes people think prove the reasoning behind homosexuality. Some believe that Freud’s phallic stage fixation in his psychosexual stages has a big impact on whether a child becomes homosexual. There are people that believe that the environment and relatives have to do with a child’s decision on becoming gay or not. The more the world is okay with the LGBTQ group, the more people will accept the possibility and choice of becoming homosexual or bisexual. Many researchers have created hypotheses to test if there is any biological facts that point to people being “born gay”. Either way, some people believe it is their choice, while others think they were born that way. In the end, people have their own opinions as to why they are homosexuals and should be respected in society.

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