Essay on Psychology : The Mind, Soul, Mental Processes And Behaviors

Essay on Psychology : The Mind, Soul, Mental Processes And Behaviors

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The Unknown
Psychology is the study of the mind, soul, mental processes and behaviors in a human being. The mental processes included internal and the covert activity in our minds. The studies of these everyday processes have made human beings into what they are today. If humans did not know how the mind worked everyone would be completely confused on how things happen in the mind. The mind is one of the most difficult body parts to study because it has many processes going on at once that people cannot control.
Psychology is crucial to the way every single person on this planet functions and the mind and body relationship and how they both interact with one another. For example, if you feel the impression to touch a hot stove and you burn your hand then the question is how does the brain influence the body and vice versa . If Psychology was never found people would still be trying to solve issues with the brain by poking holes in it. Thanks to the study of science we are able to fix issues without causing damage to the brain which is the most valuable part in the body because if humans did not have a brain no one would be alive. The study seemed like the most needed because of the importance of the organ. The brain is what keeps everyone alive and helps people make decisions and survive another tough day.
The reason psychology is crucial to our existence is because the study deals with the rational animal that is a human being. The human being is one of the most difficult subjects to understand because so many different things go on at once compared to any other creature on this earth. Humans have the ability to grasp things that animals are unable to grasp such as school, sports, and politics. This is the
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... impact him or her and the future generations after that child. Parenting that is good is what keeps a child out of trouble and able to function in society and help society to become better.
Due to the evolution of a human beings genetics were are innately capable of theorizing how to world functions and changes around us. Over the past 100 years there have been many changes that have impacted human culture, human population, and human development. The development has lead the huge changes in the ways of parenting, care of the mentally ill, survival of humans, better hospitals, the value of life, and the attempt to prevent the early stages of mental disorders and addictions.
Psychology is crucial to the future of every human beings existence. If there was never psychology people would never know how the brain functions and how things are solved every single day.

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