Essay on Psychology Textbook Comparison

Essay on Psychology Textbook Comparison

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The 1960s were a decade full of national dread and uncertainty; however, times of distress have offered unlimited information on human behavior within the field of psychology. Textbooks written on psychology can provide a window into the spirit of the times; Psychology: An Introduction (Kagan and Havemann, 1968) and Psychology: An Introduction (Lahey, 2004) will be used to evaluate the changing nature of the science. To provide a clear picture of these decades, the undergraduates expected to enroll into general psychology classes and use these textbooks must be profiled. Next, the structure of the classes will be speculated as a means to explore possible subject matters relevant to psychological research at the time. Finally, the two textbooks will be compared based on their introductions and sections on abnormal psychology.
Children born after World War II, between 1946 and 1964, are considered one of the largest generations in American history. These children, known as baby boomers, began to reach college age during the 1960s, but their childhoods provide the best insight on the counter-culture they created. Within a college-age, baby boomer’s life, they experienced desegregation and witnessed the peak of the civil rights movement. They welcomed Barbie dolls into their toys chests and they held their breath as they learned about space travel. They participated in memorial services for President Kennedy after his assassination in 1963 and felt the overbearing desperation among the adults in their lives. Two years later, America began sending troops into Vietnam and the draft hung over their heads. This uncertain climate set the stage for this growing generation to reject the former teachings of their parents and carve out a ne...

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...en they were published and the differences can be easily spotted after a short time spent studying them. This comparison sparks questions about the future of psychology and just how outdated our current psychology textbooks will be to undergraduates 40 years from now.

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