Psychology Reflection Paper : Psychology

Psychology Reflection Paper : Psychology

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Christopher mendoza
Psych 33
Psychology reflection paper
Throughout the school year we had many good topics as well as exercises that we have done in class go 5 that really stuck out to me and help improve my life for the better where the multiple intelligence worksheets how to communicate being aggressive assertive or submissive learning about the gender Norms of the Samoans stress and its effects and how it affects me in my day-to-day life And my personality traits and how it affects my life and who I hang around with.
The multiple intelligence worksheet Describes the different ways that people learn Such as logical interpersonal and kinesthetic ect The objective of the worksheet was to identify which learning techniques best suited me .The three techniques that that suited me where logical intrapersonal kinesthetic learning .logical Learners use patterns and rules in order To solve problems By finding patterns logical Learners find easier ways to describe a solution.Intrapersonal Learners work best Within a solitary state By self reflecting .Kinesthetic Learners Work best in a Hands-On situation Rather than learning from lectures or watching demonstration . I learned that by using these three different learning styles I can easily solve problems as well as retain information this really help me in many parts of my life especially school because most of the time I would try to learn and I would study but to no avail I was go to many group meetings and group study sessions but everyone 's ideas with just cloud my head and make it even that much harder for me to learn not only this but in the future I will also know how to handle problems as well as to learn because in a situation that involves multiple problems at once I kno...

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...ce but require a lifetime of learning and changing but what it did provide is a great outline for how I want to go about my daily tasks and Future Past as well as how I 'm going to handle situations how I look in the perspective of others as well as in my own perspective although I have a long path ahead of me that is filled with many obstacles with this outline I feel that I 'll be better prepared to handle those obstacles as well as keep my stress level is low and my attitude high I hope to continue learning and continue to better myself as a person as well as how about Society is a positive number and all things to being able to learn my personality traits learning about the Samoan culture learning about my intelligence and how I best learn and retain information how to handle the situation with her to be aggressive assertive or submissive and had to handle stress.

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