Essay about The Psychology Of Stuff And Things

Essay about The Psychology Of Stuff And Things

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In Christian Jarrett’s article “The Psychology of Stuff and Things” Jarrett talks about our attachments to our possessions. Jarrett states that our possessions are a part of us that since childhood we begin to feel that they are an extension of ourselves. The author feels that our possessions communicate to the world who we were, are, and want to be. I agree with Jarrett that our possessions can communicate who we were, are, and want to be, but that possessions only plays a role in this process. Our identity, who we exhibit to society that we are, were or want to be is not just determined by our possessions but by our speech and body language as well.
While our possessions are not the only thing that projects our identities it still does play a role. Our possessions are the first things that people observe before we even get the chance to wave or introduce ourselves an opinion is formed on us based on our possessions like our car, clothes, shoes,jewelry, watches, and handbags. When people look at what you have to them it indicates who we are, were or want to be. Think about when you dress for a job interview. If you dress professionally and impeccably in new, clean clothes, then it says “I want to work here, I am hardworking and I care about this job”. If you dress disheveled or in ill-fitting clothes then it says “I don 't care, I 'm lazy and I don 't want this job”. Another example that comes to mind is how our possessions can reflect to people our worth or social class. Think of the social hierarchy of high school or in some cases even college. The students with the expensive cars,clothes,handbags, backpacks, jewelry and shoes were perceived as wealthy and superficial. They were regarded as Upper class or Upper middle cla...

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...ut us; avoiding eye contact says “I don 't want to talk” while arms uncrossed says “it 's okay to approach me”. Tapping your foot quickly can mean annoyed or impatient while tapping your foot slowly can mean delighted and tranquil. Body language helps people communicate to others who they are or want to be, it tells people if your social or talkative or quiet and shy.
Our possessions can reflect to people what our identity is. Possessions can tell people who we are, were and want to be but it 's not just our possessions that do this. Jarrett in this article “The Psychology of Stuff and Things” argues that the possessions we select tell the world what our identity is and while he is right our speech and body language do that as well. Possessions, speech, and body language allow us to communicate to society, and the people within, who we want to be, are and were.

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