Essay on The Psychology of Heavy Metal Music

Essay on The Psychology of Heavy Metal Music

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Does heavy metal music have effects on society? Many people love listening to this kind of music and they love going to concerts where these bands are playing. Going to concerts and listening to music is the whole part of the music industry. If fans did not go to concerts, then musicians would not be able to make money and be successful. Many people love listening to heavy metal music; however, some people think that it could lead to violence, depression, and self- loathing.
There have been numerous events in society where heavy metal musicians have been blamed for the events that took place. Musicians have been blamed in school shootings and other events that have caused tragedy or discomfort in the world. The lyrical content of some songs are what people do not like about heavy metal music. There have been times that people do not fully understand the meanings of the lyrics in the songs. Some songs that have been released have been misinterpreted and therefore resulting in committing suicide or going to a school and shooting other kids.
One of the main songs that are always misinterpreted is “Suicide Solution,” co- written by Ozzy Osbourne and Bob Daisley. It was recorded for the 1980 album Blizzard of Ozz from the band Ozzy Osbourne. “The song Suicide Solution from the start, would have a misleading title and this was understandable” (Osbourne). After reading the lyrics to the song, “the song is clearly about the dangers of alcohol, but the song title could be misinterpreted” (Osbourne). Ozzy Osbourne got sued because several kids committed suicide after listening to this song. There is absolutely no evidence of the lyrics telling people to commit suicide. The only factor is the song title. The song is actu...

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...hey say something. If they see someone out of place, they immediately make fun of them. That right there is enough for someone to go crazy and shoot up a school. Therefore, heavy metal music does not cause violence, depression, or self- loathing.

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