Psychology Of Fraud : Why Good People Do Bad Things Essay

Psychology Of Fraud : Why Good People Do Bad Things Essay

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Imagine staring at a jail cell wall all day. You didn’t consider yourself a bad person. So where did you go wrong? This is the life of many inmates currently incarnated at the moment. “Psychology of Fraud: Why Good People do Bad Things.”(2012) By Chana Joffe-Walt and Alix Spiegel finds connections in fraudsters Toby’s life that can be traced to a series of mishaps based in unethical practices. They suggest that tony may have been blind to the potential choices. Research suggests there are other factors, other than character, contributing to the decision making process that may hinder the subject’s ability to choose ethicly.
When toby was 20 he returned home to shocking conclusion that his brother had been arrested for fraud. This revelation motivated him to press even harder for moral superiority, promising he would never disappoint his father in such a way. Toby would then go on to break this promise finding himself in an almost identical situation as his brother. "I just couldn 't grasp it." He couldn’t seem to understand how he had found himself in this predicament. He thought maybe it was just his personality or possibly there were other things involved, such as genetics. Toby wasn’t the only one asking these questions though. Apparently professional researchers have even attempted to solve these inquiries.
The first brick was laid on Toby’s path to destruction when he decided to lie on a mortgage by exasperating the amount of income he was generating. Toby seemed apathetic to the Potential negative consequences of his action stating “I felt like, at that point, that was a small price to pay and almost like a cost of doing business. You know, things are going to happen, and I just needed to do whatever I needed to do to fix th...

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...ations could use major adjustments to help prevent unethical behavior. There are already some ideas taking places such as to switch auditors every couple of years. This system eliminates unknowingly misprepresenting their client’s audits. There are even ideas to begin documents, such as contracts, with statement’s that induce the right state of mind.
Although this wasn’t and excuse for Toby’s actions, it does stand to clarify what may have been going on during his decision making process. That it may not be as simple as good decision vs bad decision. That process led toby down a path he thought he would never go down. This path was based on decisions that may not have been very clear to him at the time of making the choice. Although action appear to have define whether a person’s character is good or evil, new research suggest there may be other factors at work too.

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