Psychology : My Career Of Interest Essay

Psychology : My Career Of Interest Essay

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As my career of interest is dermatology, psychology can be used quite some in learning how to deal with patients, more than one person might think. Social psychology, anxiety, psychological disorders, stages in life, trauma are just a few subjects of area in psychology and dermatology have that go hand in hand with each other.
Psychology is the study of of behavior and mental processes, while dermatology is the science that is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin, hair and nails (DermNet, 1). When people think of dermatologist the number one thing that pops into their mind may be someone that has acne. Although this may be true a lot of the time, Dermatologist cover more than just acne, they deal with the skin, hair, and nails as a whole. This means anyone that has had major scarring, damages to the skin, hair, or nails or what one might consider “imperfections”. A perfect example would be someone blushing from embarrassment, the psychological state of the mind causes the blood vessels in the cheeks to open up (Clay, 1).
Trauma may trouble someone for the rest of their life when they get into an accident/burned which damages their skin. That one person may later on in life want to get the skin that was damaged “fixed” or make it look better, this is where the dermatologists come in. Not only does the Dermatologist have to deal with the trauma that this person has, but also, the reason the person wants to get the skin “fixed”. Most people would say that they just want to look more like themselves again, or want to look “normal” and it is in this situation that a psychologist can conclude the desire to conform to society.
Just like wanting to conform to society, anxiety plays another big part on Ps...

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...hers however and may need to see a dermatologist in the case of that happening. Others may get acne mildly when they are a teenager and do not need dermatologist but may never “grow out” of this stage and may need a dermatologist later on in life. This again can relate to social conformity and wanting to look better which psychologists are greatly appreciated for doing research on.
In conclusion dermatologist and psychologists help each other and it seems though as if psychologists help dermatologists more than vice versa. But it is proven and shown that quite a bit of what psychologists do helps dermatologists and taking this course may end up helping me quite some if I do decide to become a dermatologist. Whether it’s from disorders to anxiety to just a part of growing up, psychology has helped dermatologists greatly and should be rightfully credited for doing so.

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