Psychology Is No Science And Its Impact On The Field Of Psychology Essay

Psychology Is No Science And Its Impact On The Field Of Psychology Essay

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Yes! William James, who declared that “psychology is no science”, never even took a psych course, loathed conducting experiments, and rebuked being labeled as a psychologist; yet, he wrote a vast and authoritative Principle of Psychology (2 volume text book). So, how is it that James came to make such a significant impact on the field of psychology that he was accredited as “the most brilliant psychologist the world has ever known” (quoted in Leary, 2003, pp. 19-20). Maybe, he was praised for his style of writing (he conveyed his ideas clearly and effectively promoted them). Or perhaps, it was because he was incredibly talented at taking concepts from other disciplines and applying them to psychology or shifting concepts within the discipline. Most notably, his conceptualization of functionalism; he believed that people should be studied as they live, putting a strong emphasis on the functional utilities of consciousness (which enables us to adapt to our environment by making choices). His approach was influenced by the antecedents of Darwin and Galton (with respect to, functioning in the environment and survival of the fittest). James held that (the higher processes were developed over the ages by evolution because of their adaptive value)—put simpler terms, the mind and consciousness itself would not exist if it did not serve some practical, adaptive purpose (education network website, 2015) and (Hunt, 1993). The greatest impact of functionalism could be seen in psychological research and application.
The two people I see as leading theologians in psychology are: Bandura, Albert (1925–) a researcher who focused on observational learning, or modeling. Bandura showed that children learn behavior by watching others. He did a famou...

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...ost: his vision of psychology as a science and his diligence and perseverance in establishing it during the 19th century. Second: his assemblage of bits and pieces from physiological psychology to construct a distinct methodology for experimental science, plus his innovation of social and cultural psychology. These two branches of psychology would serve as the onset of dividing the new psychology into major fields, but more importantly, his theory recognized that social forces are significant in the development of cognitive processes—which in-turn has had an extremely incredible impact on the field of applied psychology (the fields I mentioned earlier that are embodied in behaviorism), have flourish and continued to develop form the origins of his work, despite the fact that he theorized that higher thought processes could only be studied via non-experimental means.

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