Psychology- Family Therapy Essay

Psychology- Family Therapy Essay

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Family therapists have challenging tasks of advising and guiding members of a family on the best living practices. According to the family setup in the case, the family and marriage therapist of their choice has a challenging task of choosing the best person to interview among the various family members. In this case in particular, evaluation and interaction of all the family members by the therapist would be the best choice. Marceline, Leon and Michael jr. should give each their side of the story and this could be done in different series of interviews, which is each one of then in a different session and then focus on the whole family so as to derive the level of depression and frustration within the nuclear family.
Levels of communication and the emotions involved in the family and the patterns in which all these aspects are handled are varying. As some of the emotions have been displayed in the text, the family therapy can first evaluate Marceline and Leon to get the in-depth issues at hand. This is because as the parents, they should try to create a good and peaceful environment for Michael Jr. despite the problems they are going through like unemployment and loss of their homes they should be good role models to their children at all times.
Marceline has shown signs of despair, frustrations, emotional instability to a point that she considers committing suicide as an easy way out the life problems. This shows that there have been so many piled up anger and frustrations that have been bottled up for a long time since Michael left her life and was left alone with baby to bring him up. The continuing life and social frustrations have not made her life any easy. With Leon , he’s resulted to drinking and as much as drinking m...

... middle of paper ... undertake the therapy sessions and hence will be able to handle and embrace the changes that will come along. Professionalism and integrity are essential attributes in counseling sessions and should be up-held.

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