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Psychology : Different Areas Of Psychology Essays

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In any psychology class, different areas of psychology are usually discussed. The viewpoint and techniques are related to a theory, and sometimes the main contributors are discussed as well. Though they know that theories have been made and continue to exist, learners seldom wonder how they originated. Knowing the theory is of good use, but in order to really understand it, people must first learn about its origins. Learning the reasons why, where, and how a theory was started really gives a bigger picture that helps a person know the material more deeply. Humanistic psychology is one of the areas where knowing its beginnings, such as the pioneer contributors and reasons of why this area became, helps a person comprehend it.
What exactly is humanistic psychology? That is a question that cannot be easily answered. The second question that must be asked before the other can be answered is, what does “humanistic” even mean? “Humanistic” is more than just a form of the word “humanism”. The term “humanism” seems to be overused, and often put in the incorrect context. Although it may seem like the word only emerged when this type of movement became popular, it has existed in other fields before psychology adapted it as their own.
Throughout the centuries, this word has contained several different meanings. According to Wertheimer (1978), the Christian faith used this word during the Medieval and Renaissance times, while both humanistic and humanism were also used to talk about classical Greek and Roman studentship. Not only did those words have meanings of their own in certain disciplines, but they were also used in place of other words. For example, William James, a psychologist and philosopher, used the word “humanism” interchangeab...

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... a person must be in order move on to a new hierarchy of the self-actualization pyramid? (Ewen, 2003; Shultz & Shultz, 2012). It seems like the approach is more philosophical, making it difficult for people to put it in a scientific settings.
The problem with the humanistic approach is that while its concepts are very intriguing, they are not measurable. Psychoanalysis and behaviorism had effective techniques when it came to scientific research. It may have been more successful if instead of disregarding these other two forces, they should have taken what worked and then added their ideas. If this inclusion would have happened, humanism may have had the potential to be presently seen as the strongest, most effective source. Of course, because of Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow’s extreme dislike for the other two forces this inclusion would have never been possible.

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