Psychology Classes On Course Schedules Essay

Psychology Classes On Course Schedules Essay

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10 Most Intriguing Psychology Classes

From Sigmund Freud’s sexual drives to Ivan Pavlov’s famous classical conditioning experiment, there are so many exciting principles to learn in the field of psychology. However, for those who major or pursue graduate degrees in psychology, the fun doesn’t stop at the basics. Keep reading for 10 of the most interesting – and, perhaps, coolest – psychology classes on course schedules in US colleges.
1. Close Relationships
A 300-level undergraduate psychology course offered at New York University, Close Relationships focuses on the connections that form our understanding, outlook, and support systems through life. Relationships are central to the human experience, and this course explores how people experience and view their families, friendships, and romantic partnerships. Prominent questions asked during the course include: how relationships impact your own self-concept, whether there is a such thing as a soul mate, and whether it’s a good thing to see your love through rose-colored glasses. Since we all work to maintain and are, thereby, affected by close relationships, everyone can learn something from such a course.
2. Brain, Mind, and Motion Pictures
Are you a film buff who happens to need advanced electives in psychology? The Department of Psychology at UCLA features a course you are sure to become absorbed by - Brain, Mind, and Motion Pictures. The structure of the class consists of screenings and discussion. The focus: the manner in which innovative brain research is depicted in different film periods, the explanation modern cognitive neuroscience gives to the experience of watching movies, and the neuropsychology of acting in movies. Enroll in this class and you will be further awed...

... middle of paper ... will learn where attitudes come from and how they can be altered.
10. Prejudice and Stereotyping
Offered by the University of North Carolina, the course, Prejudice and Stereotyping, focuses on recognizing and modifying individual’s reactions to others based on differences in age, race and cultural background, gender, sexual orientation, and other characteristics. If your goal is to improve the world you live in, this course might help you get a better grasp on the world and what it takes to change it.
How amazing is the field of psychology that there are so many thought-provoking courses? Sure, enrolling in these courses can help you matriculate towards your degree, but they also might give you a new perspective on your own or someone else’s behavior. If you are a psychology major, check to see if any of these intriguing courses are being offered at your school.

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