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The Psychology By David G. Myers Essay

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Dreams have always fascinated human society. Everyone knows that one person whose first conversation of the day needs to be explaining his or her dream in grueling detail, but it 's for good reason. Dreams are confusing. People spend nights flying, having tea parties with tables of potatoes, and showing up in a public place stark naked. The question that has confused people most is why the human mind generates such a strange, captivating storyline in the midst of a time when the brain and body are thought to be resting. In truth, no one has discovered a definite, foolproof reason as to why people dream. Many theories, five of which are recapitulated in Psychology by David G. Myers, address possible, yet not entirely irrefutable, reasons for dreaming.
The first speculation as to why people dream that Myers cites in his book is the Freudian theory. Freud 's theory states that humans dream in order to satisfy personal desires that are generally pushed beneath the surface in everyday life in the name of outward normalcy. Myers calls this theory 's outlook on dreams as a sort of "psychic safety valve that discharges otherwise unacceptable feelings." (Myers 106) This also means that objects in a dream such as a gun or a clown could mean something else entirely through symbolic manifestation. The issue is that this theory of encompassing symbolism leaves a lot of room for error. Depending on the interpreter, one dream could be construed any number of ways.
It is also possible that the purpose of dreams is to organize the experiences from the most recent state of being awake, and form memories. Many studies have shown that people who get more REM sleep after learning something new are capable of remembering it better. "When tested the nex...

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... dreams seem to be the most powerful when they bring us into contact with radical otherness… This radical otherness is better characterized as a continual process of becoming other, which begins in the desire to escape bodily limitations." (Wilkerson) Wilkerson 's theory then means that the reason for having nightmares or dreams is to ultimately escape from the bodily limitations of the real world. This view circles back to the first topic discussed by Wilkerson that states dreams and nightmares are an escape from societal limitations.
The ultimate correlation that can be tied from all aspects of dreaming is that dreaming is epically vital to every human being. While the discovery of why dreaming occurs is also important, the most important thing of all is that the value of REM sleep and the dreams that stem from it are understood and respected by society as a whole.

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