Psychology And Mainstream Social Psychology Essay

Psychology And Mainstream Social Psychology Essay

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Social psychology is a divided discipline since its birth, so it has been difficult to define. It has its roots in Sociology, anthropology and psychology. Nowadays we can find two competing approaches: Critical Social Psychology and Mainstream social psychology. They are different ways of looking for the same topic, but they are not different things. We can find that both differ in mainly three areas: method, ideology and social work. As the saying goes, they are two sides of the same coin. The aim of this essay is to differentiate both of them, but in a critical style. Then, this will be supported by researchers of feminism, wich is a movement for the defence of women 's rights. It is a way of changing relations between the two sexes for equality. We will use feminism 's examples because of the close relationship with the critical approach, in terms of that both proposed about there are other ways of life not governed by traditional.

Let us begin by discussing the methodology. The Method is used to control and direct an investigation. Mainstream Social Psychology uses the experimental method because it provides facts and is the only way to obtain knowledge about processes and social phenomena. Moreover, it looks for make predictions and generalisations. And it is not all, research in Social Psychology is based on natural sciences, how they do to study social behaviour. As the scientific method tries to reduce information into numbers, this type of research are objective and value-free.

It should be pointed out, that maybe, human behaviour cannot fit whit this point of view. It is true that numbers are the universal language and they are very useful for this type of method, but since a critical view, there a...

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...ias. In social psychology, it is hard to separate the people from their background. Their experiences, values and their ideologies are going to be present. Unfortunately in the way of looking for objectivity these aspects go unnoticed.

In addition, Mainstream has an elitist ideological position because it focuses on the results of their experiments and generalises to everyone. Nevertheless, the participants that take part on experiments, cannot reflect all people, they are just one part of the population. For this reason, it is important to be careful with experiment 's interpretations because scientific knowledge can express facts, but on the other hand, it cannot tell us other issues. This issues can be if it means the same in other cultures or how people feel. Critical psychology should face this situation to ensure that no group is pressured or marginalised.

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