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Psychology and Human Behavior Essay

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Psychology and Human Behavior What makes people behave the way they do? Can anyone analyse 12 billion brain cells to determine how and why the mind functions the way it does?How is it that people being similar in physiological terms, are yet so different in psychological terms?

Man has a multiple nature,there is a constant conflict…between good & evil, between the urges & restricting forces, between thoughts & feelings, head & heart, soul & body,lower nature & upper nature, inner core & outer shell , why? Is it what is Jeevan ka Mahabharat?

History shows that there is an element of goodness in human nature which manifests in various forms as,..justice,wisdom,love etc. It is also true that there is an evil side of human nature which manifests in form of violence,deceit,crime, and disease. The good is always at war with something, what is that something?

Various such questions have been plaguing the mankind…hundreds of thinkers, analysts, philosophers,behavioral scientists,psychologists, and psychiatrists have been coming out various theories, to answer the questions.

Modern Scientists such as; Freud,Adler, and Jung, did considerable work in this field and came out with their theories which were major scientific breakthroughs in their times and laid the basic foundations on which one could proceed further.

Problems of the world are the problems of the societies,communities, and of individuals who are the constituent members. If individuals can change, the...

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... unhindered. If the response comes from a wrong part of the personality, and/or is aimed at a section of personality different from the one that gave the stimulus, the transaction is crossed, there is a conflict, and communications break down. To practically test the hypothesis, one can analyse the comments and counter comments on the reviews on MSI ( hetul!).

The book gives plenty more examples and explainations of various types of transactions, games, etc, which one can read in depth.

The book in review came as a major scientific breakthrough, sans all the jargon, thus enabled a lay-person to peep into one’s psyche and gave new insights into the workings of human mind, and a better understanding of human nature. Since then there have been many a development, but one has to read this book which will enable one to understand further work done in the area.

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Psychology and Human Behavior Essay

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