The Psychology And Health Option Essay

The Psychology And Health Option Essay

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When viewing the slides I chose the psychology and health option. The first slide resonated with me more so than the other two. It showed two women, one resting an arm on another. The slide displays concern, and compassion. Based on what we have learned I would say that the first slide is professional, but could be interpreted as unprofessional by some. The woman reaching out to comfort the other is not displaying inappropriate actions, but she is entering the other woman’s personal space. Some patients can be uncomfortable with this interaction.
Making the patient uncomfortable could hinder progress. However, I personally feel that reaching out to a patient can be beneficial to progress. The woman that dominates the photo seems to be dressed casually, which can be deemed appropriate if the facility has a laid back atmosphere. Establishments that cater to group therapy for teens, criminal domestic victims, or possibly drug abuse support systems are typically facilitated by professionals that dress down from suits and blazers. Although the dress code is more relaxed, conservative attire is insisted upon.
The background of the photo is blurred so an accurate description or analysis of the atmosphere would not be beneficial. However the obvious white walls would suggest a place of business. A professional atmosphere can be inviting, which is what a psychologist would want. A welcoming, and relaxed environment would aid in helping the patient adjust to what could be a stressful situation.
Slide two shows a man that seems to be writing as a woman on a couch is speaking. She seems emotional because she has a tissue in her hand. The gentleman is wearing a button up collar shirt, which is acceptable as business attire in the psychology fi...

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... this profession. Lastly, ethical behavior is not something you are born with, it is learned. Because I am aiding others in their personal life, I cannot live a life that is unmoral or unethical. I am constantly aware of my behavior in my personal life, because I do not wish for someone to question my actions or motives. I do not want my personal life to negatively impact my professional career or reputation.
Outside of the office I speak and behave as if I were still at work because when you are conscious of your behavior you are able to make an effort to adjust it. Over time the adjust behavior becomes habit. Habits can evolve into second nature. These habits are a reflection of yourself, and are the fundamentals of what your reputation is built off of. For a psychologist, a reputation both professional and personal can make or break you; and I refuse to be broken.

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