Essay about The Psychological Theories Of Criminal Behavior

Essay about The Psychological Theories Of Criminal Behavior

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As studied in developmental criminology, these theories incorporate all the causative factors leading to criminal behavior in human beings in various stages of their lives. The study mainly focuses on the reasons prompting deviant behavior, thus presenting the need to understand the principles of this criminology branch. Psychologists’ insight into human behavior dictates that both external and internal factors influence people 's actions. Therefore, the primary developmental theories can be categorized under social, biological, and psychological reasons for deviance. The main sociological theories in the study include the strain principle, social learning, and social control concepts. The biological ones include life-course and latent trait theories. The ideas that stand out from a psychological perspective include self-control, choice, and labeling theories. Others such as the integrated theory state that criminal activities are as a result of a combination of individual and social constraints.
According to the biological models, the life-course theory advises that a “normal” person will follow a certain expectation of behavior pattern in their course of life. However, the innate characteristics combined with external social conditions at birth which are reinforced during the development process influence people to act in a certain way. For example, the physical trait determines a person’s behavior by studying patterns of the individual’s entire life and linking them to biology. A person born with a large body frame is likely to develop into a bully while young. This individual may not experience fear when committing offenses because he or she has the physical capacity to intimidate others. The latent trait theory also explai...

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... major contributing factors to crime. Therefore, an individual in this state will carry out an offense to bring relief to the situation, even though they are not biologically inclined to crime. For example, stealing to take care of basic needs, or murder of a cheating spouse due to emotional stress. Social learning theory explains the aspect of peer pressure. It is common among gangs or people in the same locality to influence, recruit, and teach each other various habits such as drug abuse, theft, and assault among others.
The development theories in crime adequately explain how criminal tendencies develop within individuals. It is essential to look into a person’s biological, social, and psychological background, patterns, or traits, to determine the cause of crime. When these three are integrated, they provide a more solid argument to the development of offenses. 

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