Psychological Stresses Of Kids On The Foster Care System Essay

Psychological Stresses Of Kids On The Foster Care System Essay

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Is the foster care system so bad? Why is it always portrayed in movies and books to be a horrible system? Foster care was designed to keep children safe, and help children get back to their parents. Sure, it can’t be all rainbows and glitter; but why is it that the first thing you might think of when someone mentions “foster care” is most likely, “Oh, that’s so sad”? Why is it, though, that every time it’s mentioned in movies or books that it is portrayed terribly? The reasons why a child may be in foster care are never good reasons. There are multiple excuses: a child’s parents have died, a child’s parents didn’t want them, a child’s parents were unfit to take care of them, a child was dropped off in front of a hospital or police station. So many “reasons”, but none of them are good enough for the pain many children endure day to day.
There are different houses that foster children live in: group homes, wards, or private homes. There is a paper that is, supposedly, given to every child that enters the foster care system. It states that kids are allowed to be able to be told why you came into foster care and live in a safe and healthy home. It also allows them to have the following rights: to attend school; to participate in extracurricular activities; to have protected privacy; to be protected from physical, sexual, emotional, or other abuse; to have regular visits with biological parents; to have access to social workers; etcetera. Except, how many of the approximated 415,000 children- according to in 2014- in foster care in the US actually get those rights? The most common of those rights that is compromised is being neglected- being ...

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...vide a job for them, volunteer at a children’s home, and donate are really effective ways to help foster children. Of course, by helping the children it requires them to recognize they need help- whether medically or just to get other foster parents-, understand who they can trust, and knowing their options and statistics of those before them. Whether a child is placed in a good foster home or not doesn’t mean that child won’t feel pain. They will always have questions about why they’re in the system, why didn’t their parents love them enough to keep them, and so many more. There will always be pain, and there will always be foster children. Psychological stresses of kids in the foster system is just a side effect. Most foster children will never know the love of their birth parents; or if they do, then it will be even harder to never get that love again.

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