Essay about Psychological Maltreatment And Mental Trauma

Essay about Psychological Maltreatment And Mental Trauma

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Psychological maltreatment is also often referred to interchangeably as emotional or mental abuse. This refers to any form of maltreatment that can be categorized as an individual being subjected to the activities of another individual that frequently result in any form of mental trauma of the victim. Psychological maltreatment can be seen as one of the most serious and slightly overlooked problems in modern society (Lesson & Nixon, 2010). In general, psychological maltreatment is considered any kind of abuse that is emotional opposed to physical in nature. Nevertheless, there is much controversy regarding the true definition and consequences of psychological maltreatment. As of now, psychological maltreatment is one of the most difficult forms of maltreatment to detect and evaluate (Arruabarrena et. al, 2013). One of the complications in clearly defining psychological maltreatment steams from the differing in opinions of society on whether the components of psychological maltreatment are actual abuse or just poor parenting. For example, there is a confusion between the censuses when trying to determine if constantly yelling and demeaning a child for doing something wrong is abuse or just the caregiver’s style of parenting. Much like with the controversy with corporal punishment, then lines are very blurred when it comes to telling people what they are and aren’t allowed to say to their children, especially because it does not have to be a direct threat to have harmful effects. The main defining issue is that properly evaluating the correlation between intention and the outcomes (Garbarino, 2011).
More specifically, psychological maltreatment of a child is defined as a continuous pattern of behavior by the person in loco pa...

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...ugh, there is not much empirically based information that has been geared specifically towards psychological maltreatment as an individual notion, I have reason to believe that the information we have so far has been a huge improvement and established some sense of progression towards it being as well-known as well researched as any other form of abuse. While, some of the effects of psychological maltreatment are being treated, somewhat by default, through it often occurring within the context of other abusive forms, I feel that it is necessary to also take the time out to look at it as a separate entity and that it should be evaluated this way. Simply because as is the lack of evaluation is leaving too much of an opportunity for the children who may only be suffering for psychological maltreatment to slip through the cracks and never receive the help they deserve.

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