The Psychological Factors And Behavior That Exist Among Abusers And The Victims Of Domestic Violence

The Psychological Factors And Behavior That Exist Among Abusers And The Victims Of Domestic Violence

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Eckstein, Jessica J. "Reasons For Staying In Intimately Violent Relationships: Comparisons Of Men And Women And Messages Communicated To Self And Others". Journal of Family Violence 26.1 (2010): 21-30. Web. 26 Oct. 2016.
Men and women from various walks life are known to be victims of “Intimately Violent Relationships” (Jessica J. Eckstein). Domestic violence is wide spread problem that remains prevalent throughout many parts of society. There are many factors which contribute to this dangerous and destructive societal issue. To gain additional knowledge of this topic I will access and analyze the psychological factors and behavior that exist among abusers and the victims of domestic violence.
The Research suggest individuals who remain in violent relationships are among the least likely to report it. “Research on IPV has shown that both men (Eckstein 2009) and women (Chang 1989) are judged under assumptions that they should remain silent about victimization, maintain abusive relationships, and not request assistance” (Jessica J. Eckstein Reasons for Staying in Intimately Violent Relationships). This article provides significant evidence and emphasizes the relationship among violence and those who remain silent.
The authors findings also discuss the societal expectations, constraints, conflicts, and stigmas that are associated with violence and gender roles and how they attribute and influence behavior. “When individuals choose to enact behaviors indicative of gender roles and invest identity resources to maintain those roles, they are demonstrating commitment to a particular gender identity (Burke and Reitzes 1981; Butler 2006)” (Jessica J. Eckstein).

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Akyüz, Selin and Feyda S...

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...currence of violence" is used as an overriding term, including experiences of multiple forms of violence and/or violence by multiple perpetrators”

“At the relational level, violence in proximal relationships, between partners, or within a family, has the worst effect on victims’ psychological health [16–18]. One explanation for this could be the chronic nature of such violence, with victims and perpetrators being bound together in a continuous relationship (Victimisation And Psychological Ill Health).
The article also discusses how violence in families can lead to a person becoming either a victim of abuse or an abuser. There is strong evidence that suggest the more a child is exposed to multiple individuals who commit repeated acts of violent or sexual abuse more likely the child with exhibit and repeat these behaviors throughout their adolescents and as adults.

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