Essay on The Psychological Disorder Within Movies

Essay on The Psychological Disorder Within Movies

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When it comes to a psychological disorder within movies, they seemed to be presented accurately, but some people judgements can not be made towards the film, since they may not know the disorder at all; they may assume that it is being presented in a correct manner. The judgements of people can be made when information about the disorder is given, then their mindset of the film may change. It can be a clear insight of whether the movie is actually presenting the psychological disorder by assuming the movie may have added over dramatic details, which may not be true at all about the disorder. When people are being presented a movie that portrays a psychological disorder, it can be difficult to make any assumptions that the film is accurate, but knowledge of the disorder can help a direct criticism, since they are not watching the movie blind of information.
The film “Adam”, presents this idea of Asperger syndrome (AS), which Woods, Mahdavi, and Ryan (2013) defined to have a “‘triads’ of impairments”; it deals with many difficulties like social interaction, constant actions towards an activity, and constructing a simple conversation towards others. Also, besides the 3 basic symptoms, there are other abnormalities as well; for example, people with AS are presumingly uncoordinated and have trouble encoding other people’s emotions or actions (Cohler & Weiner 2011). The positive side of having AS is the limitless information they can obtained as well as easily remembering significant amounts of material towards a specific topic (Cohler & Weiner 2011).
In the film, the main antagonist Adam meets this new girl named Beth, that just moved in the apartments; this one scene Adam was sitting outside on the stairs while Beth had trouble bri...

... middle of paper ...

...versation and how they may have dealt with it, also by practicing to just be with people and socialize, since isolating themselves would further increase their disorder (Woods, Mahdavi, Ryan 2013).
The movie “Adam” does an accurate presentation of asperger syndrome, even though the characters may have been fake the science behind it are similar to those that have been found in the researched materials. It can be concluded that the symptoms were precise as the film does portray a social problem within Adam’s life, but there was no idea how Adam may have been diagnosed with asperger, just a theory that it might have to do with Adam’s father or the genetics between both parents. Lastly, the treatment made for both the movie and studies were similar as it can be easily treated with the simple answer of just being social instead of being lonely and isolating themselves.

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