Essay on The Psychological Disorder Of Anxiety

Essay on The Psychological Disorder Of Anxiety

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The psychological disorder of anxiety was first discovered in nineteen- eighty by the American Psychiatric Association. The disorder was first introduced as “nerves” and “stress”. The numbers of individuals with this disorder were treated without an effect due to health professionals not having an understanding of the condition. Researchers have stated that anxiety is more common in women than in men, but men seek treatment more than women.
Anxiety is caused by fear without any particular threat. It is diagnosed as a disorder when it takes over an individual’s daily routine. It can be genetics or can be caused by a stressful event caused by trauma. The hippocampus and amygdala plays a role in this disorder. The hippocampus is usually where threatening memories are located, it smaller in individuals that have been in military combats or in adults and children that have been abused. The amygdala is where the brain communicates between different areas of the brain. It processes incoming sensory signals and interprets the signals it receives. When it processes information, it lets different areas of the brain know there’s a threat which then interprets the threat as fear and anxiety. The fears and anxiety it processes can play a memory role of fear for a type of species such as a spider. (Insel, P., & Roth, W. 2014).
Based on researchers anxiety isn’t always a bad thing, it can help individuals by motivating them to solve problems, staying alert, or face a stressful situation. There are numerous types of anxiety disorders. Some people may experience different symptoms of anxiety, which may experience intense anxiety causing them to strike without warning, then there’s the type that can be paralyzed by fear in the thought of ...

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...ludes cognitive behavior which is one of the best treatments for anxiety disorder, because it teaches the person specific skills that have been avoided due to their condition. The medications that have been used to treat this condition have been antidepressants, Buspirone, and Benzodiazepines. (Star, K. 2013)
Based on an article online, the editor mentions that anxiety can’t be permanently cured. The treatment that the individual submits their self to can relieve symptoms of anxiety temporarily, but the treatments aren’t permanent. Anxiety is part of a person’s psychological thought process, genetics, and environment. Scientists have proven that anxiety treatments may work for a period of time, but in order to get rid of it completely, the person’s thought process along with behavior must change. (Mike 2013; Can Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks Be Cured? Yes! No!)

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