The Psychological Disorder Associated With Bulimia Nervosa Essay

The Psychological Disorder Associated With Bulimia Nervosa Essay

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The psychological disorder associated with this research paper is bulimia nervosa. Bulimia nervosa is a critical psychological eating disorder; it is characterized by recurrent episodes of binge eating immediately followed by self-induced vomiting or purging by taking laxatives, diuretics, enemas and or taking part in excessive exercise as a way to compensate for the binge eating behaviors. In order to be diagnosed with bulimia nervosa, according to DSM-V criteria, the individual must exhibit recurrent episodes of binge eating associated with three or more factors such as eating more rapidly than usual, feeling disgusted with oneself when overeating, and eating until uncomfortably full; the binge eating must occur for at least once a week for three months. Many people often confuse anorexia with bulimia nervosa, but it is essential to understand that anorexia involves more of a diet restriction which results in extreme weight loss whereas bulimia patients exhibit an uncontrollable desire to consume of large quantities of food as a result of dieting and then attempt to immediately eradicate it as a means of getting rid of their guilt. The motivation behind patients purging their food has to do with the guilt that they automatically feel after the short-lived satisfaction of purging; these patients feel that purging is the only solution to their act of consuming the forbidden, unwanted calories. Many patients seem to possess “all-or-nothing” thinking; when patients obtain this kind of mindset, any little slip up going against their strict diet regimen makes these patients feel completely hopeless and so in turn they release this feeling of guilt by purging. Bulimia patients tend to go through a nonstop cycle of dieting, exercising, ...

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... this study supported earlier studies on the subject of life events that came before the onset of bulimia nervosa. It was discovered that the link between stressful life events preceding the onset of a disorder is not exclusive to bulimia; this relationship is also frequently seen in psychological disorders. There were no significant differences between the bulimia nervosa group when it was compared to the psychiatric group in terms of stressful life events. As it turns out, according several studies conducted by Thompson and Heinberg, shape and weight criticism was generally a dependable predictor of body dissatisfaction with oneself and disturbing eating patterns. It was found that when comparing the bulimia nervosa group to the other control groups, the bulimia nervosa group when growing up was often more prone to weight and shape criticism from family members.

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