Psychological Development Of The Adolescent Stage Of An Individual 's Development

Psychological Development Of The Adolescent Stage Of An Individual 's Development

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Psychological development plays a big role in the adolescent stage of an individual 's development, both biologically and environmentally. As Erik Erikson 's stages of Psychological Development model stated, "Identity vs. Role Confusion" occurs at the age of adolescence to the 20s. During this stage, individuals increase concerns for the way others seem them, and exploring "who am I '. However, inability to settle on an identity at this stage may lead to role confusion. This is an important stage as individuals are exploring and experimenting with different aspects of one 's self. An example can be expressed using an adolescent girl attending high school. She may try to dress differently, dye her hair, and make her own decisions about which university to go to. Those actions reflected on her inner self, her own psychology, which is the first part of psychosocial. On the other hand, her parents and the rest of the society may expect differently from her. They might expect her to dress traditionally, act more like a girl, and attend a cheaper university. These aspects are reflected as external forces, which the environment around an individual is the second part of psychosocial. If the individual has the ability to experience and explore with different behaviors, he or she may potentially reach a fully developed identity. However, if the environment is unsupportive of the individual 's development, he or she may find the society denying his or her existence, which will ultimately end up in role confusion. In addition, psychologist James Marcia built on Erik Erikson 's work and developed the framework of exploration and commitment as the factors that may explain individual 's identity achievement. Marcia created four ident...

... middle of paper ... of 24, while eighty percent of individuals growing up in high income communities graduate college at the same age. These statistics symbolized the significance on the discrimination of classism. Adolescents growing up in the lower class families may experience identity crisis as it may seem to them as a fact, they are unable to live a equal and fulfilled life due to the reason that they are on the lower levels of the social classes. Lastly, a quote from the Canadian Race Relations Foundations symbolized the significance of discrimination in the society today. "When someone talks about the discrimination they 've encountered, don 't minimize their experience by assuming they 're exaggerating, or that it 's all in their head." The effect of discrimination is so great that no person should ever take it non-seriously, nor perform such harmful action to any individual.

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