The Psychological Context And Social Structure Of A Terrorist Essay

The Psychological Context And Social Structure Of A Terrorist Essay

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In order to understand how and why terrorists act, analysts need to look not only at the historical tactical details of attacks; but at the social structure in which the terrorists are operating, the terrorists’ individual and group motivations, and the methods that the groups uses as a whole to decide how and when to engage in action. The only way to fully understand terrorism is to develop an in-depth understanding of the terrorist individual and group psychology (Jacquier 2013, 2). Each action and decision that an individual makes has an underlying psychological explanation, and if an analyst can develop a better understanding of the psychological context and social structure in which terrorists find themselves, they can then understand the function, effect and the purpose of the terrorist’s actions (Jacquier 2013, 2). This research will help to develop a better understanding of the psychological context and social structure of a terrorist.
Analyzing the psychology of a terrorist can be difficult due to the fact that one cannot have a one-on-one counseling session with one. However, like many political leader, terrorists and their leader must be analyzed from a distance. The actions, words, and attitude of a terrorist must be analyzed using formal analytical methods to determine the underlying psychology of a terrorist.
Once the necessary data from a terrorists’ actions, words, attitudes, and history are collected, an analyst can choose from any number of distance profiling methods in order to come to a conclusion. The methods used to profile leaders from a distance are not perfect and cannot deliver a completely accurate profile, but if two or more methods are used to develop and check a profile, the accurac...

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... a new and different character structure of the individual (George 1967, 194). George believed that Lietes’ operational code analysis altered the way that leaders were studied, however, it was less effective than it could have been. According to George (1967), Leites states that the answers to the questions surrounding political action were essential; but he never reveals what these questions and answers are. George (1967) then restructured the operational code, removing the psychoanalytic elements that Lietes used, and then structured it into a series of ten questions, that when answered would paint a clear picture of the cognitive process which are behind political perceptions and expectations (George 1967, 201-204)(Picucci 2008, 117-204). George (1967) split his questions into two groups of five, the first set deal with the philosophical beliefs of the individual.

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