Psychological Assessment : The Appropriate Dsm 5 Code Essay

Psychological Assessment : The Appropriate Dsm 5 Code Essay

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Psychological Assessment

A diagnosis, including the appropriate DSM-5 code
The patient Norman Bates, eighteen year old male, shows signs of 300.15-Dissociative DO, Dissociative identity disorder (DID). He exhibits two know separate personalities, Normal Bates his normal functions as a teenager and he portrays the personality of his beloved deceased mother, Norma Bates. When transferring to his alternate personality of Norma Bates, Norman will suffer memory loss of any actions performed while in this state.

Identification of any psychosocial or contextual factors to be considered, as outlined in the DSM-5
Norman undergoes lack of intimacy and personal connections; Norman demonstrates that’s he prefers to be alone and stay at home with his mother. He also will undergo conversations internally with the voices commentating on his behaviors or decisions he is making. He has feelings of depersonalization, where he feels he is being detached from himself. Also, a since of derealization, where is in unsure of the surroundings around him are real. He shows lack of self-control and thrives on the control of others. Norman prefers everything to done correctly, the way “mother” would approve and then when he loses this since of over control is when Norma takes over, and he will push the limits of control to include homicide. He is still very unaware of the crimes he committed and is persistent that “mother” did it out of love to protect him from “all of the diseased infected woman.” This unrealistic state of mind where he doesn’t know what he has done wrong and show no remorse can be a very difficult thing to treat. Therefore punishing for the crimes may lead to a worse incidents and not have him achieve the help he deserved. ...

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...tification of specific ethical issues that might arise in providing treatment for this particular diagnosis
With the case of Norman Bates suffering from ddissociative identity disorder can bring up a lot of different ethical issues. Many people that do not associate with people suffering from for dissociative identity disorder may sometimes believe that it is not a real disorder and sometimes believe that the patient is “faking” his symptoms. If a new psychologist is assigned to the case that has not had all the proper training they may not understand all the alternate disorders that are related to for dissociative identity disorder. Lake of awareness and disbelief may lead to improper treatment, If all the symptoms are not properly diagnosed then the appropriate medication and therapy sessions will not be prescribed and this may cause a worsening in the disorder.

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