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Psychological Assessment Of Psychological Assessments Essay examples

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In the first four chapters of the book, Hood and Johnson examined closely the uses, nature, measurement concepts and initial and outcome assessments of psychological assessments used in Counseling Psychology. Psychological assessments are used by counselors to “identify the nature of a client’s concern and to consider possible treatment approaches” (p.3). Additionally, the assessment data derived from assessments is used by counselors for planning and evaluating programs. The assessment process is therapeutic in that it assists clients in clarifying goals and gives them a “sense of perspective and support” (p.3).
The underlying purpose of psychological assessment is embedded in the problem solving model frequently used by counselors to summarize assessments. The model is comprised of five steps namely; clients orientation, problem identification, generation of alternatives, decision making and verification. The first step looks at how the problem is viewed while the remaining four steps address the client’s way of solving a problem. As with the purpose, there are basic principles involved in conducting psychological assessments. Eighteen principles are looked at and include: consideration for the purpose of the assessment; the reliability, validity and utility of an assessment method for the purpose it will be used; the possibility of multiple problems; alternative hypotheses; and the influence of individual factors on test results. Careful considerations should be made by counselors to “understand the theoretical construct or condition being measured by a test” to determine whether or not the construct was adequately measured by the test (p.8).
Psychological tests are used by counselors in varying settings and areas including me...

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...t in welfare allow counselors to obtain constructive feedback regarding effectiveness of techniques and can assist in modifying counseling programs through information received from clients.
Personal reflection:
I have decided to reflect on the first four chapters of this book as I think it sets the framework for one understanding the basic concepts encapsulating psychological assessments. Additionally, in learning how to conduct assessment testing coupled with an understanding of the underlying principles I think contributes to the credibility and usefulness of all the varying assessment techniques used in counseling psychology. I was particularly interested in how useful the scores obtained from psychological assessments are within the counseling field and how vital they are in understanding client issues and with implementing effective intervention techniques.

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