Psychological Aspects that Create Good Teachers Essay examples

Psychological Aspects that Create Good Teachers Essay examples

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As a teacher, I want to share the love of learning to students and light a fire of passion in them. I hope to better students in their walks of education, push them to be the best that they can be. In my eyes, learning is like taking in the world. Learning is soaking in everything there is to know about everything. When I become an educator, I want to create an environment where students crave knowledge, I hope to be able to take my students on adventures inside and outside of my classroom, introducing them to new insects, new ways of life and new parts of the world they had no idea existed. This class has given me much insight into the ins and outs of classrooms and what psychological aspects create successful teachers .
When teaching, I realize that I will mainly be covering state-mandated materials. However, I as a continuous learner grasp concepts better when I can apply them to real world applications, or when I can visually see the concept in action . Learning to me, is fun, it’s exciting and as long as I am interested in what I am learning I retain the information like a sponge. However, I realize most people don’t soak up learning the same subjects as I do and that is where arousal and emotions will come into play in my classroom. When creating my lesson plans, and articulating my notes for the weeks ahead I will use games, videos, in class activities and exciting experiments to reach into the minds of my students and tap into their amygdala and entice emotional reactions to reinforce the new material that I am teaching.
I’ve always attributed my success in life and in school to my mother, my biggest fan and my own personal cheer squad. No matter what I was going through, good or bad days, my mother was always the...

... middle of paper ... I as a student, and now as a soon to be teacher, never saw the point of such a punishment. I would like to set my classroom up so that if a student breaks a rule, they should tell me why they did so, or what caused them to break such a rule then they will have to write a paper/paragraph telling me if they could go back and fix it, how they would do so and also what the student thinks that rule that they broke really means. Then, if the problem persists, or the actual rule broken is more serious, I would contact the parental guardians and devise a plan to work with the student and their rule breaking habits. Late assignments, talking during class and things like this are things that shouldn’t happen in a classroom, but if a student could see why these rules are in place, I think that it would be much more beneficial to them as opposed to other forms of punishment

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