Psychological And Psychological Description Of The Movie ' The Night ' Essays

Psychological And Psychological Description Of The Movie ' The Night ' Essays

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Once she had danced with Steven six or seven times in the evening, and they had talked about it for as many month… John never danced or enjoyed himself. He was always uncomfortable in good suit and shoes.”
“This time, instead of poise and excitement, it brought a reminder that she had changed her dress and rearranged her hair.”
“She who now felt suddenly an air of appraisal as nothing more than an understanding of the unfulfilled woman that until this moment had lain within her brooding and unadmitted, reproved out of consciousness by the insistence of an outgrown, routine fidelity.”
According to Ann’s physical and psychological description, it hides a truth that she would cheat on John. Compared with Steven, John, he is not romantic and does not pay some attention on his appearance. Ann needs protection and sympathy but her husband, John cannot fulfill her vanity.
“Not tonight – you might as well make up your mind to it. Across the hill in a storm like this – it would be suicide to try.”
There is a hint about the John’s death.
2. Ann
“Plenty to eat – plenty of wood to keep me warm – what more could a woman ask for?”
“alone with herself in the winter silence, she saw the spring and summers still to come. While they grew old, while their bodies warped, while their minds kept shriveling fry and empty like their lives … ‘I married him-and he’s a good man. I mustn’t keep on this way. It will be noon before long, and then time to think about supper...Maybe he’ll come early-and as soon as John is finished at the stable we can play cards.”
According to Ann’s word and her action, it is easy to know that she is a lonely woman who is expecting husband’s concern and protection especially in the wintertime. Although she still loves her hus...

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...he chimney again, as it against its will drawn back to serve still longer with the onrush of the storm.”
“Now, in the cold, creaking darkness, it was strangely extinct, looted by the storm and abandoned again.”
Silence and Bareness: As people feeling bored and they stay in an empty house, even a tiny sound they could heard. The sound of clock and fire that is mentioned several times in the story shows the Ann is hoping the coming of her husband or Steven.
“The clock ticked, the fire crackled.”
6. There are some foreshadowing that hints the John’s death in the story. In addition, John’s characteristic, his devotion to Ann, his loyalty and his naïve push him the tragic ending. After both Ann and Steven finishing “the painting”, Ann has illusion that John is back, knows her betrayal and left. It also a hint to show the John’s death because Ann’s illusion is the reality.

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