Psychological And Physical Impact Of Art On People Essay

Psychological And Physical Impact Of Art On People Essay

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This essay will out line the psychological and physical impact of art on people.

The19th century polymath-physiologist, physicist and psychologist Hermann von Helmholts explained perceptions as “unconscious inferences” 1* and also as “school of thoughts” *2 are stating in his work. Furthermore he divided our vision on “active and passive”*3 accounts, where “active” account of perception is dominant. Helmholts describe “passive” perception as pice of visual information bringing from outside into our brain, where we do not need to be conclusive. Because this information is easily digestible for our brain by sensing and intuitive process . Where is the “active” vision ask a viewer be selective and then analyzing and interpreting information that drops into brain from visual sense. In some installation used method of passive seeing and active looking by artist sometimes delivery, sometimes occasionally. Inanimate object such as drawing, sculpture or installation could make different responses on mind and body a viewer. It could be happiness, sadness, calm, anger, also people could faint or start to physically feel pain in their body. The response is an instinctive feeling through our perceptions; verbal, visual, hearing and tasting. An emotional drawing of space may not ultimately be perceive by audience in exact way that artist has planned. However, the primary idea and the main message to people is usually clear. A spectator experience would depend on his individuality and intuitive associations. It is possible for an art object to seduce, arouse or stimulate feelings and physical reaction through personal background and memory of spectator. The trigger of any response could come through a physical relationship with art object su...

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... and put them into different pace. However, James Turrell has another opinion. In his interview he commented about forcing people and their perception by his works: “I would not say forcing. If you do not want to do it, fine, you are out of there.”
Artist role is very important and influence that require careful consideration and study.
The manipulation within spaces, colour and light to generate psychological and physical reaction from a viewer is an important function of an emotional design.
For new generation his work will be seen differently and it is still new part of art to explore. Nowadays children has got a different physical structure of their brain. It is an influence of modern technology and the way of communication with others humans. Negative impact can be previse by studying and understanding bright light torture methods and its impact on human.

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