Psychological Analysis Of Self Esteem And Self Efficacy On Human Behavior

Psychological Analysis Of Self Esteem And Self Efficacy On Human Behavior

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A Psychological Analysis of Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy on Human Behavior

This psychological analysis will define Self-esteem and self-efficacy on human behavior. Self-esteem has typically been defined as a method of improving the well being of an individual by making them feel good about themselves. The paradigm of “raising” self-esteem has been a dominant way to improve the self-image, personality, and other features of daily interaction with the self and others in society. Therefore, a higher or lower sense of self-esteem defines the person’s own understanding of their worth and their ability to interact with others according to these beliefs. In cases where the individual feels higher self-esteem, the perception of success and self-worth make them more open to society, and to others. In contrast to this self-perception, other individuals may feel a lower self-esteem, which makes them isolated and resistant to positive social interactions (Kernis, 1995, p.131). These are the dynamics of self-esteem that reveal the differing levels of self-evaluation that an individual can utilize to judge their own level of self-esteem.
In terms of behavior, a focus on positive self-esteem has been seen to affect the behavior of the individual to overcome doubt, negativity, and self-destructive points of view. However, this normative perception of self-esteem has not been linked to positive social behaviors as an “automatic” change in behavior:
Raising self-esteem does not automatically translate into improved behavior. Sometimes, attempts to boost self-esteem in disruptive students may backfire if the focus is primarily on making them feel good about themselves (Sousa, 2009, p.161).
In this manner, the subjective inference of “raising”...

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... social interactions. More so, the highly individualistic aspects of self-efficacy may also alienate others that do not have this type of self-confidence to achieve certain goals. Therefore, the idea of personal achievement and success as a “behavior” is not always beneficial, but it does provide a strong foundation for leadership skills and the necessary self-worth for the individual to achieve success if they believe that they can achieve these goals. Certainly, these beliefs define the different between self-esteem and self-efficacy, which advocate different levels of personal self-value and the ways in which these beliefs are manifested in certain social interactions and in differing types of environments. More so, the difficultly in defining the behavioral impact of these methods for obtaining “self-confidence” has also been defined in this psychological study.

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