Psychodynamic Theory And Practice Of The Field Of Helping Professions Essay

Psychodynamic Theory And Practice Of The Field Of Helping Professions Essay

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Within the field of helping professions, there are many theoretical frameworks purported by varying renowned social scientists and researchers which are incorporated in the therapeutic process and services offered to individuals experiencing psychological distress. One such framework adopted is that of Alfred Adler with his Adlerian therapy. Adler’s theory and practices places great emphasis on the unity of personality purporting that it is the only way in which individuals can be understood as unified and complete beings. Adlerians tend to view the world through individuals own subjective perception of their reality. Adlerian therapy is primarily concerned with understanding the unique and private beliefs individuals create before the age of 9 years dubbed their lifestyle. This lifestyle, serves as a frame of reference for individuals attitudes, behaviors, private views of self, others and the society at large. Adlerian therapy postulates a holistic understanding of individuals’ creative solutions to overcome their feelings of inferiority and insecurity in an attempt to meet the essential need to belong and to aspire towards meaning (Miller, 2013). Adler maintained that all individuals are social problems as both the individual and society are intricately linked (Miller, 2013). Adlerian therapy is comprised of four phases described below which are integral to the success of individuals experiencing optimal functioning within their lifestyle.
Each phase is labeled with a distinct heading: phase 1: establish the proper therapeutic relationship; phase 2: explore the client’s psychological dynamics; phase 3: encourage the development of self-understanding and; phase 4: help the client make new choices (Corey, 2013). The therapeutic ...

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...welfare among other useful life experiences.
Adlerian therapy has been implemented into varying therapeutic settings such as: group counseling; couples and family counseling; correctional and rehabilitation counseling; and mental health institutions. Adlerian approach has been described as being multicultural, grounded within the clients’ worldview and being flexible through its application range of cognitive and goal oriented techniques utilized in sessions. This approach however, has been criticized for placing too much emphasis on self and for utilizing constructs that are difficult to measure. In concluding, Adlerian therapy has been the predating technique to various approaches and has been proven effective in challenging clients’ negative perceptions and life goals through the use of encouragement to meet life tasks and promote engagement in social interests.

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