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RAD is one of the least researched disorders in DSM and it difficult to diagnose accurately (Chaffin et al, 2006). There is also difficulty in distinguishing between consequences of maltreatment, disorganized attachment and attachment disorder (Prior & Glaser, 2006). In the United Kingdom, according to British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF), only psychiatrists can diagnose RAD and any assessment regarding RAD must include a comprehensive evaluation of child’s family history and individual history (BAAF, 2006). There are other disorders that share many symptoms with RAD and they are often co-morbid or confused by RAD, such as anxiety disorder, Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder (PTSD), social phobia and conduct disorder (Sadock, 2004).
The developmental psychopathology models which are going to be evaluated in this essay are: psychodynamic model and the family systemic model.

Psychodynamic Model
Psychodynamic model was developed by Sigmund Freud to describe the process of mind as flows of libido (psychological energy) in brain (Bowlby, 1999). In Psychology, Psychodynamics is the study of the inter-relationship between several areas of the mind, personality, or psyche, as they relate to mental, emotional or motivational focuses, emphasising on the dynamism of unconsciousness (Freud, 1923; Hall, 1954). Psychodynamics, basically, focuses on the formation of psychic energy (Hall, 1954) and its distribution over the human system and development by the virtue of interaction among ‘id’, ‘ego’ and ‘superego’ (Freud, 1923). Some of the key believes of psychodynamic are discussed here.
Firstly, Freud believed that the mind is like an iceberg (Freud, 1953) , mostly hidden, and that free association would ultimately ...

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...of this point of view the member of family could understand the patient’s situation and they can help them to be treated properly, and the patient have the support of the family.
On the other hand, stressing too much on the family and not seeing other issues around the patient could be a weakness. The disorder may be caused by a medical issue or genetic and the approach could be criticising to be reductionist from this aspect.
In conclusion, from my point of view family systemic model seems to be better to justify and explain the attachment disorder. As attachment disorder is directly grounded in the family and the child’s relationship to caregiver (Bowlby, 1980), investigating on the family system to improve and treat the disorder can be seen more logically better and also the patient can have the family support around and rebuild the relationship.

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