Essay Psychoanalysis And Behaviorism Schools Of Psychology

Essay Psychoanalysis And Behaviorism Schools Of Psychology

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Psychoanalysis/Behaviorism schools of psychology
Psychoanalysis is a school of research and practice in psychology that was proposed by Sigmund Freud between the years 1856 and 1939. Specifically, Sigmund argued that patients can be cured by evoking consciousness in unconscious thoughts. As such, this field aims at determining repressed emotions in patients with depression and anxiety disorders. On the other hand, Behaviorism attracted a main stream attention between 1920 and 1950. Particularly, behaviorist approach notes that a person’s behavior is directly linked to their environment. Implied, at birth a human mind is a “blank slate”. Despite different approaches in the two schools of psychology research and practice, there are some common grounds as discussed below.
Firstly, the two schools of psychology emerged from particular social and intellectual occurrences. As such, these theories were shaped by the happenings that occurred at their prime time. Particularly, much of psychoanalysis emerged from German Schools, anti-Semitic prevalence as well as role of women in the society. In regard to social influence, Sigmund was factored insights of German Schools in treatment approaches while he opted for medicine due to anti-Semitism at the time in Germany. Additionally, this school of psychology was highly influenced by other intellects such as Rudolf Chrobak and Jean-Martin in regard to role of sex in neurotic disorders. On the other hand, Behaviorism was developed in U.S in which case social and intellectual context in the country influenced this psychology approach. For instance, between the years 1920 and 1950, English school of thought in U.S was highly regarded. As such, it formed basis of behavioral psycholog...

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...opment of experimental psychology and other branches in psychology such as Erickson stages of development.
Similarly, behavioral approach had an immense influence on cognitive/behavioral therapies by applying effects of environment on behavior and operant conditioning in learning new behaviors. Additionally, it has paved way to inducement of behavior in animals and human beings through stimulus-response association. Indeed, this school of psychology has been applied in parenting, training animals and in motivating finance managers by using bonuses to boost productivity. However, it is important to note that behaviorism has numerous limitations due to its rejection of mental events. Yet again, it ignores consciousness and feelings that drive observable behavior in humans, which has attracted heated criticism from other schools of psychology such as cognitive science.

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