Psychiatric Interviews For Teaching By The University Of Nottingham Essay

Psychiatric Interviews For Teaching By The University Of Nottingham Essay

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Psychiatric Interviews for Teaching by the University of Nottingham displays to the audience the process and the realities of a personal interview with the patients. The process begins with “taking the history,” in other words, finding out the patient’s history of the ongoing illness. During the interviews, one starts to realize whether or not the patient is aware of his/her sickness. The video for Mania and Psychosis, both males believed that they were not ill, on the other hand, the lady in Depression knew she was sick and wanted help from the doctor. The harsh realities are displayed upon the actual doctor and the patient themselves. For example: after seeing the three videos, the young man in Psychosis seemed normal to me; however, he believed that the secret service of England was after him. The young man is roughly two years older than I am. His demeanor presented a very calm and “normal” individual, meanwhile, he was very paranoid and anxious. The young man does not eat or sleep because of is paranoia. This frightens me because I can pass by anyone on the street, maybe even in...

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