Psychedelic Drug Use Essay

Psychedelic Drug Use Essay

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Psychedelic Drug Use
Psychedelic drug use has been associated with the “hippie” culture for decades, but can these substances alter society positively today? Though commonly viewed as an abominable subject in society, hallucinogens are a door to a positive revolution, as studied for suppressants against depression and anxiety, links to a more powerful and spiritual connection, and propose an opportunity for a more open-minded-profitable community.
Tobacco destroys the lungs and teeth, alcohol kills the liver, but use of hallucinogens lacks proof of health degeneration. There are approximately 88,000 deaths in the United States yearly due to alcohol use, and 480,000+ deaths due to tobacco use. This death rate accounts for 1/5 of deaths in the United States, more than HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol, and motor vehicle accidents. In fact, “More than 10x as many U.S. citizens have died prematurely from smoking than in all the wars fought by the U.S. in history.” [Center for Disease Control and Prevention] Alcohol is a close leader of cause of death, 3rd leading life style related cause of death in the United States. Confirmed 1.2 million ER visits due to alcohol use, 422,896 ER visits due to cocaine use, 213,118 visits due to heroin use, 93,562 visits due to methamphetamine and amphetamines, and “other illicit drugs such as PCP, ecstasy, and GHB – were involved much less frequently than any of the drug types” mentioned above. [National Institute on Drug Abuse]
Lysergic acid, (LSD), works like serotonin, and is quickly absorbed in the liver and eventually excreted in the urine. This drug works by inhibiting neurotransmitters, stimulating them, or both, which is not dangerous, but a natural occurrence in the brain. LSD “affects the...

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