Pseudoscientists and How They Present Information on Topics They Are Not Experts of

Pseudoscientists and How They Present Information on Topics They Are Not Experts of

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Science will never know all the answers; there are just too many questions asked and too many questions that haven’t even been asked yet. For a scientist to be effective in my mind they must be able to present their findings and their hypothesis in a way that doesn’t try to attack other people’s work, is complete with ideas on why and why not their hypothesis is true, and does science for the love of science and learning. I have learned a great deal this year in many of classes about scientists that seem to show these traits. But then again, there are many scientists that stumble upon their work, which is not to say that they don’t fit these qualities as well. Scientists that seem to completely ignore these qualities of good science are those that misuse their work. Some scientists that misuse their work aren’t even true scientists, i.e., the press and the fame-seeking scientists.
When a scientists or any person that researches and presents findings begin to formulate a hypothesis they must think of a question that either hasn’t been answered, or needs to be corrected. An example of this is Hubble’s Law. Hubble figured out how to find this constant even though his first try was way different than what we accept today. Finding a correction to a hypothesis sometimes leads scientists to disproving other scientists. Sometimes science is just fine and doesn’t need to be disproven. In class this semester, Professor Suntzeff has mentioned to the class the Einstein was not a fat of a select few scientists and spent a great deal of his time trying to ruin the careers and lives of his fellow scientists. When you do science, you shouldn’t be doing it to spite other people or show other people that you are better than them and can disprove al...

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...s misuse of science. After watching the video in class of this scientists speaking to the media, I believe that this was caused by the media. They needed a story and they needed people to tune in. Why not say that scientists have been wrong pretty much forever and that the universe is bigger than we thought by a huge factor? You don’t say it because it isn’t true, that is twisting the words of a well-respected person and the blame falls on him. I like to call the media “pseudoscientists” sometimes because they sure think they know what they are talking about and sometimes they even think they are scientists themselves. Sure some may understand basic chemistry or biology or even astronomy, but that doesn’t mean they know enough about the particular project they are presenting to make their own assumptions and feed them to people that don’t know anything about science.

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