Psa Analysis ' Holding Hands ' : Love Has No Labels Essay

Psa Analysis ' Holding Hands ' : Love Has No Labels Essay

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PSA Analysis “Holding Hands”: Love has no labels
The growth of “Homo Sapiens” can be described as the development of favorable qualities and traits to ensure continuation and survival of the species. One such characteristic that has been inscribed is judgment. Judgment has allowed humans to determine the “danger” of outsiders. However, nowadays the extent of judgment has elevated to extreme measures of stereotyping, labeling, prejudice, and discrimination. The rise of such measures has been more negative and lead to inaccurate and offensive perception of people, especially for sensitive subjects like gender, race, and sexuality. Although humans are able to recognize differences from snap judgments of appearances, they forget underneath the surface they are all similar. An advertisement that has brought attention to this negativity is the PSA: “Holding Hands.” The image itself is particular an x-ray of two people who are joining hands, which is the only part showing the true surface appearance of the people. Underneath the joined hands is a text box that signifies the purpose of the image. Through the correct use of color, contrast, and composition the image is able to effectively question and answer the use of human judgment.
For instance, the lack of color in this ad shows readers how serious the meaning of the two skeletons are. This idea can be supported by the fact that the color of white used in the ad is represented by purity. Such as the use of no bold colors or cartoons attract the audience to represent how realistic and serious they are. For example, the “black and white” hands that are joined together reflect how the world is seen in “black and white” and all the colors range between and diverge from the two signifying...

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...ound the hands is broken to demonstrate its breakage from labels and instead allowed the flow of diversity for the PSA’s representation of love.
Labels can have a powerful influence on how we perceive others and their communication behaviors. As a result, we underestimate the differences among individuals in a group. Even, nowadays our own individual race or sexuality is a deeply personal issue of concern to prejudice. That is why the purpose of the PSA “Holding Hands”: Love has no labels reflects the idea that people shouldn’t rely on race, sexuality, religion, lifestyle, appearance, etc. because that alone does not describe a person’s thoughts, actions, habits, and personality. The PSA’s message effectively attracts intended audience and illustrates the fact that people should recognize love is love and we are all the same despite our genders, races, and sexuality.

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