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Prussia Culture and People Essay

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The culture of a nation is a reflection of the people. Culture is embodied in our music, food, and literature. Each culture is distinct in its own way. Prussian culture is no different. Prussia was created by a group of people that didn’t agree with the Holy Roman Empire and who ended up gathering followers and conquering lands. Prussian culture is distinctive because of its location near the Baltic Sea, its extensive militarism and, its “elective monarchy in the late1800’s” .
Prussia was important because it existed for hundreds of years, affecting the people and places around it politically, economically, and religiously. It affected the surrounding places politically because they had to decide on a political leader and they fought on how to pick one. It affected the kingdoms economically because it grouped several kingdoms together, changing the smaller economies into a larger one. It affected the other kingdoms religiously because Prussia forced its subjects to abandon their religion and be subservient to the king. The kingdom of Prussia affected politics long ago and these effects still influence politics today. This will show you how Prussian culture is not only distinct but how it affects your life hundreds of years later.
Prussia was located near the Baltic Sea. It was sometimes called the bridge between the Slavic and Germanic kingdoms. This gave it the strategic placement it needed to have access to the water. The water was used for shipping cargo and offered an escape route if needed. The water also provided the people with plenty of food, like fish. It also made it easy to get incoming cargo so people could get seeds for farming.
In Prussia there is one main river called the Elbe and mountains toward the ...

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