Providing Treatment to PTSD Victims

Providing Treatment to PTSD Victims

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Categories of PTSD victims with regard to providing treatment:

Group A: PTSD victims in developed countries, including victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence.
Group B: Victims during crisis/war situations in developing countries who are very susceptible to developing PTSD.
Group C: PTSD victims during the recovery period of crisis/war situations in developing countries.
Group D: PTSD victims of non-crisis related sexual abuse and domestic violence in developing countries.
Group E: Other PTSD victims in developing countries.

Group A:
- Investing in additional PTSD-related research (treatments and medicines).

Group B:
- Providing medical services to prevent PTSD from (further developing) through mobile clinics, such as:
o Psychological first aid (for slightly traumatized victims);
o Medical specialized services (for severely traumatized victims);
o Brief intensive emergency psychotherapy.

Group C:
- Local governments should be encouraged by GHC partners to invest in mental health care and include PTSD treatment eventually in primary healthcare (long-term perspective);
- Encourage international community to invest in PTSD-treatment and prevention of PTSD development within society;

Group D:
- Encouraging local governments to change laws to let perpetrators pay for PTSD treatments and set up a fund if these perpetrators are not able to pay for this.

Group E:
- Local governments should be encouraged by GHC partners to invest in mental health care and include PTSD treatment eventually in primary healthcare (long-term perspective).

Primary prevention: Reducing stigma through PTSD Awareness Campaign, Research, and Identification of Genetic Predispositions.

PTSD Awareness campaign should mainly focus on:
o Health workers, to make them feel confident in diagnosing PTSD with victims and discussing effects and treatments with them;
o Youth, since most traumas occur in childhood;
o Workforce, since they are often not willing to seek help, afraid of being labeled as “unproductive” or “ unreliable”;
o The media, since they are able to influence public opinion and able to change stigma;

PTSD Awareness Campaign consists of:
• Join with different networks, social media and print advertisement (i.e. billboards), one minute video testimonies from formed PTSD victims, to make PTSD information more accessible to the general population, starting by defining what is a traumatic event and finishing with ways to tackle PTSD.
• Make sure that at a local level it is important to explain that this is a medical disease and that it is treatable.
• NGO and Government collaboration to make 2015 the year of PTSD and make it policy to create a new message to make PTSD a more acceptable issue.
• Create a contact center for people with PTSD or who think that have PTSD in order to guide them in treating PTSD.
• Create local networks of people with PTSD or people that can treat PTSD so the issue starts being tackled at a local level.

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• Incorporate regional leaders and celebrities, who are aware of cultural sensitivities and are able to change stigma due to their exemplary role.
• Creating a PTSD awareness school program making PTSD accessible to children, teachers and parents so we can tackle it from the start.
• Make use of children books to raise awareness.

Enhanced research and information sharing (understand PTSD better, medically and statistically; develop and share information about this)

Advocacy and education against stigma & discrimination (work with local communities to develop less stigma against the issue so people feel safe talking about their issues)

Research and information-based groups should work to assess and treat victims of PTSD through:
- Protocols specific to different kinds of PTSD victims, including those in emergency situations
- Protocols about basic training for PTSD diagnostics and basic counseling

Secondary Prevention:

- Promotion of the Neuropeptide Y treatment,
- Crisis Intervention: treatment (for women and children) based on crisis in response treatment throughout a very effective tecnic developed by the famous psychologist Leopold Bellak called brief intensive emergency psychotherapy for PTSD victims in order to provide immediate attention to the case which consists of 6 intensive sessions of psychotherapy
- Kids education empowerment program (KEEP):
o Define areas of special protection in which crisis events occurred or traumatic events constantly occurred:
• War zones
• Natural Disaster Zones
• Refugee camps
• High homicide areas
• Child Labor Areas
o Rank the issue according to area into 5 categories: from one to five (one being very low and five being very high)
o Through schools create special activities to address traumatic experience the children face in their community and have medical personnel diagnose who has PTSD.
o After the diagnose start group therapy among children with PTSD with certified psychologists and medical bodies.
- SAFE program for children. SAFE stands for Safety, Access to basic necessities such as food, water and shelter, Family, and Education.

- Nurses Ready for Action Program which will be focused on the training of nurses to form special personnel capable of giving basic psychological help in response to situations that could trigger PTSD, following the subsequent guidelines:
o The personnel admitted in this program must be previously selected based on their capabilities and mental health
o This personnel will be capable of using a Standardized Differential Diagnosis Formulary for Nurses and identify possible cases of PTSD in order to direct them to the specialized personnel responsible for their final diagnosis and treatment,
o Specialized nurses will be registered on a database to be called upon voluntarily in case of need of emergency personnel only for those countries that lack nurse federations and therefore haven’t received proper training,
o The International Council of Nurses will coordinate and administer the proper training through Nurse Federations all around the world;
-Further resolving to utilize the resources and programs that previously exist in affected crisis areas to mitigate the effects of PTSD on crisis victims, including but not limited to Medair International, Women’s Refugee Commission, et al.

Tertiary Prevention:

- Treatments (pharmaceutical and therapy).
- Integrated treatment, & service development (how to treat and prevent PTSD, what can NGOs do in areas of crisis?)
- Rehabilitation
- Critical Incident Stress Debriefing to monitor the status of humanitarian aid workers who may suffer from PTSD. This is an existing program from CARE International that has brought effective results since its beginning. It addresses:
o The degree of training they had on beforehand
o Perceived trauma severity
o Social support
o Coping Strategies
- Refugees: The importance of mental health facilities in refugee camps with a focus on re-integration into society:
o The provision of group therapy in the camps, along with other activities that promote community support networks, such as prayer spaces, physical activity and schools
o Trauma within camps, monitor safety, such as that of women that are raped, children who have been displaced of their families, et al
o The final objective is to reintegrate them into society in three ways:
• Social Reintegration: Reintegrate them to the society and their families
• Labor Reintegration: Reintegrate them to the work force
• Academic Reintegration: Reintegrate them to schools and learning
o Different preparation will be used depending on the situation in which they will be reintegrated:
• Repatriation: Reintegrated in their home country after the crisis
• New Country: integration to a new society after the crisis

-Further resolving to create educational and resourceful activities and professional training that encourage community collaboration through existing programs set up by NGOs including but not limited to Medair International, Women’s Refugee Commission, etc.
-Nurses Ready for Action Program will include training for nurses on how to treat PTSD patients and help them with the exercises referred to by the specialist (psychologist or psychiatrist).


We note that the main obstacle to helping those affect by PTSD is capital. To that end, any plan passed by this committee must have a large source of capital at its disposal. Yet, the best way to ensure that projects can occur for the foreseeable future is to attach a firm that can produce revenue for those projects. To that end, we propose the following:

- Creating a Public Private Partnership (hereby known as a PPP) for the purpose of raising revenue.
- Partnering this PPP with major pharmaceutical companies for the purpose of research and development of PTSD treatments
- Having all organization that wish to join the PPP take a percentage of their budgets and put it into a fund that will be created between the pharmaceutical companies and the UN-run entities
o This will create investor confidence with respect to the pharmaceutical companies
o This joint fund will be used for researching new treatments
- Working within the framework of the PPP so that once new treatments are created, UN organizations and pharmaceutical companies can set prices together
o This will ensure affordable medication is produced for the average person suffering from PTSD
o Notes that pharmaceutical companies will be willing to negotiate over price due to the fact that the UN will be funding much of the research
o Notes that pharmaceutical companies will be willing to negotiate over price due to the fear of losing out on the chance to produce a new drug
• This will create competition among pharmaceutical companies
- Using revenue earned from the medications made with the pharmaceutical companies to invest in preventative PTSD measures
o Safety, food, shelter, etc.
- Using revenue earned to invest in the formation of a body of PTSD treatment specialists under the purview of the Global Health Cluster

Monitoring and evaluation of interventions
The importance of key performance indicators that will enable the tracking of interventions and their effectiveness. These would include:
-Anonymous patient surveys
-Practitioner surveys
-The number of patients who have been correctly diagnosed
-The number of patients whose PTSD has been alleviated or treated successfully

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