Essay about Providing Student Parents : An Option For Student Parent

Essay about Providing Student Parents : An Option For Student Parent

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Providing Student Parents Childcare Service

Having childcare as an option for student parent’s going to school would be beneficial not only to the parent but to the school as well. Let’s face it, today many homes have both parents working full-time or are a single parent family. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2013), the share of married-couple families with children where both parents worked was 59.1 percent. The households maintained by single parents according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2013) 68.2 percent of families maintained by women with no spouse present were employed, and 81.2 percent of families maintained by men with no spouse present were employed. These statistics would make it hard for families to even consider going back to school without having childcare services.

Furthermore, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (2014) indicates that 4.8 million parent students are raising dependent children in the U.S. It is unlikely the student parent will complete a degree in the usual time frame of two years, because of time demands and raising children often puts struggles on the parent. In a recent survey among Lincoln College’s ABE’s current students, 84% of the students stated they knew someone who would want to go to school, but does not attend because of childcare service issues. 71% of the students enrolled in ABE are student parents. Figure 1 below, identifies the results of the student parents and their interest in childcare services at Lincoln College ABE programs.

Figure 1
Lincoln College Childcare Services Interest Survey

Yes No
Student parents currently enrolled in ABE program 71% 29%
Percent of parents that would utilize childcare service if offered 68% 32%

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... income levels are declining for non-college attendants and two-year degree programs. Figure 2 on page 7, proves that that income for a high school graduate or a student with some college is low compared to the income of a student with a Bachelor’s degree. According to Pew Research Center (2012), attending college for your Bachelor’s has continued to increase since 1965. There is a need in the surrounding area to send parents school to obtain their Bachelor’s Degree in order to pull them out of poverty and give them the chance to earn a better paying job. Lincoln College ABE already offers a flexible schedule for working students. Adding child care services would be an excellent benefit to attract student parents who need to further their education in order to find a better paying job and move them out of the poverty category.
Figure 2

Source: Pew Research Center

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