Providing Medical Care For Uninsured Individuals Essay examples

Providing Medical Care For Uninsured Individuals Essay examples

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Providing medical care for uninsured individuals can be met with many challenges. With the freedom to dictate the cost of care, health insurance companies often determine when and how individuals access medical care, regardless of the existing demands. As a result, uninsured individuals are more likely to postpone their medical care, compared to those who already carry health insurance. For instance, most individuals without health insurance often have limited access to ambulatory care settings and are likely to be admitted for avoidable health complications.
Studies have shown that in the event that uninsured individuals are admitted, they often receive fewer diagnostic services, with reduced care. Without access to routine care, many uninsured individuals can end up with conditions that fail to be detected in an appropriate time, which can result in further health deterioration. By continuing to only receive care in a hospital setting, untailored attention and reduced service will eventually account for higher mortality rates of uninsured individuals compared to those with health insurance (Taylor, 2006).
In addition to the challenges of accessing routine medical care, it has been found that being uninsured results in individuals being less likely to even seek medical care. The rising cost of health insurance coverage deters many individuals who are not already covered under any health insurance policy. Also a factor are the medical costs involved, which are equally high and present a challenge to those seeking insurance cover. Unfortunately, many individuals weigh out the options of paying for insurance coverage on a monthly bases in fear of not using or just seeking urgent medical care when needed. However, this results i...

... middle of paper ... the formulation of such polices.
Insurance coverage seems to be the most reliable solution to combat health related costs. From a cost benefit analysis, it reduces the surplus of various expenses whenever medical bills are beyond the normal living cost of an individual. However, considering the challenges that uninsured individuals face when accessing routine care, it seems apparent that the health care system needs a targeted reform. Many insurances companies are converting from fee-for-service to capitated payment models in an effort to decrease the over usage of high cost services. Reducing the cost of care would consequently reduce the cost to purchase insurance. However, this begs the question; is it the treatment of uninsured individuals that drive the cost of care, or is it the high cost of insurance that prevents the treat of uninsured individuals?

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