Providing Effective Assessment Practices to Trainee Design Engineers Essay

Providing Effective Assessment Practices to Trainee Design Engineers Essay

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Providing Effective Formative Assessment Practices to Trainee Design Engineers
Formative Assessment
It has been widely accepted that the use of formative assessment practices enhances the students’ learning. Recently, Cizek [1] referred formative assessment as a collaborative processes engaged in by educators and students for the purpose of understanding the students’ learning and conceptual organization, identification of strengths, diagnosis of weaknesses, areas for improvement, and as a source of information that teachers can use in instructional planning and students can use in deepening their understandings and improving their achievement.
Presently, there seems to have some ambiguities as to what constitute an effective formative assessment. For instance, Shepard [2] produced a list of key characteristics of formative assessment. However, Cizek [1] argued that “not all of the characteristics must be present for an assessment to be considered formative and not all of the characteristics have to be combined in any particular application of formative assessment”. Currently, there are bountiful literatures on formative assessment, and its related areas on feedback practices and assessment design. However it is less clear on the types of characteristics that will constitute an effective formative assessment. This paper attempts to identify the minimum characteristics of formative assessment to be effective in terms of assessment feedback, assessment standards and student self assessment when implement in a training context of training new design engineers.
Ramaprasad [3] had defined feedback as information about the gap between the actual level and the reference level of a system parameter which is used to alter the ga...

... middle of paper ...

... the end of each module to providing more diagnostic tests at the end of each topic to determine the levels of understanding of the learners. The latter approach would aid the instructors in gathering the information early in the identification of students who are facing learning difficulties and hence modify the training strategies accordingly.
Angelo and Cross [9] had shown how teachers can gain regular feedback information about student learning within large classes by using variants of the one-minute paper-questions that are posed to students before a teaching session begins, and responded to at the end of the session. This method could be adopted in this context by having the instructors and students using blogs to determine the learners’ learning progress and also for learners to obtain regular feedback from the instructors to further enhance their learning.

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