Essay on Providing Cycle-only Paths to Cyclists Improves Security

Essay on Providing Cycle-only Paths to Cyclists Improves Security

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The infrastructure and safety measures for cyclists in Roehampton are far from ideal. There are currently no cycling lanes or posted signs to help cyclists navigate the area. While cycling safety is an issue for the entire city, Roehampton is urban enough to be dangerous without having the density to make cycles a normal part of the traffic pattern. There are already plans for steps to increase the safety and ease of access of cyclists in the Roehampton area, and there no doubt that other features will be added in the next five to ten years. The newly proposed Central London Grid is intended to make cycling faster and safer in central London, and Mayor Johnson has already made it clear that his long-term vision includes cyclised paths throughout the city. (GridPlans) However, an attempt to increase cycling in the shorter term will have to take safety into account, and to be realistic about what safety improvements can be put in place. This proposal will include safety improvements that are conceivably practical while raising safety to an acceptable level.
A proposal of this type should ideally include research to ensure that there is actually a demand for the service being proposed. Because of the limited scope of this project, a survey was prepared and given very informally without any kind of statistical verification. The survey is not sophisticated enough to produce fully rigorous data, but it was possible to make some conclusions and despite the many limitations of the survey, it can safely be said that there is evidence that the residents and visitors of Roehampton would appreciate and use this service on a regular basis,
Given the extreme congestion of traffic in central London, steps that make cycling easier have the pote...

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... suggest that the introduction of cycle-only lanes that are not segregated from motor vehicles reduces cyclist-motorist accidents. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, a plan for expanding cycling should be expected to create paths that are to be used only by cyclists, with complete segregation from both motor traffic and pedestrian walkways.
The third measure that is being implemented to promote cycling in London is a network of “Cycle Superhighways.” One of the Cycle Superhighways, BC8, begins in Wandsworth Town and runs through Battersea into Westminster, ending at the intersection of Milbank and Horseferry Road near Lambeth Bridge.

These early successes may make the long-term target of 7% trips by 2025 appear within easy reach, but there are major challenges to make before cycling can be firmly established as an integral element of our transportation system.

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