Essay on Proven Ability Of Work Collaboratively

Essay on Proven Ability Of Work Collaboratively

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Proven ability to work collaboratively in teams. X
Working collaboratively in an educational environment is quintessential in the outcomes, success and positive experience of all stakeholders.

Throughout my extensive teaching experiences, I have worked as part of a team who collaboratively obtain a mutual goal, being improved student outcomes and creating a positive and holistic experience for all stakeholders. Working collaboratively within the educational sector is quintessential for the school to run in cohesion.

I have effectively demonstrated interpersonal skills within a professional team of educators in my experiences. I have successfully been involved with school events such as school fetes, athletic events and presentation days that require high interpersonal skills and staff to work in unanimity. In the creation of these special events I have collaboratively been engaged with school meetings, student welfare meetings and stage programming. Within all these meetings I have been proactive and demonstrated support and respect for all colleagues which has successfully grown the school community and student learning outcomes.

I appreciate and understand that working in teams, means working with colleagues, however I also understand working collaborative with the wider community members. I recognise within education, I need to work with parents, councillors, medical specialists and local community members. One example is collaboratively working with a school councillor to create an individual learning plan that focuses on the emotional and social development of a student. This emphasises on the direct needs of the student, evidently this collaborative learning plan enhanced the social and emotion skills of the student whils...

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...ents had to recount a personal event in their lives using symbols, then kinesthetically share the story with the class. Whilst facilitating the lesson, I also made connections and links of how Aboriginal people use story-telling. This interactive lesson enhanced students understanding of recount, whilst creating a sense of belonging and inclusion in a culturally-sensitive environment. This teaching example, also highlights my dedication in Aboriginal cross-curriculum integration.

If obtained the position of learning and wellbeing Officer, I will continue my commitment and constantly update my knowledge of Aboriginal educational policies. As a result, this will create an educational environment that is fair, equitable, culturally inclusive for Aboriginal students. Which will allow them to enrich their life chances whilst achieving a full and high quality education.

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