Proud to be a Punjabi by Syed Mansoor Hussain Essay

Proud to be a Punjabi by Syed Mansoor Hussain Essay

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Syed Mansoor Hussain is a columnist in “Daily Times”, a Pakistani newspaper. He has practiced and taught medicine in the US. This article, “Proud to be a Punjabi” was published in the Daily Times on the fifth of February, 2014. In the article, the author has described the role and significance of Punjab in the history of Pakistan. In addition to this, he has tried to prove that Punjab is not responsible for everything bad happening in the other provinces. The author has described the role of Punjab before and after independence in the Pakistani politics. The author also says that whatever happens in other provinces, Punjab and Punjabis are held responsible for it. In the end, the author has highlighted a few cultural aspects of Punjab.
The article seems to be biased about Punjab and the arguments are not so convincing. The language is not consistent, as it is persuasive in the beginning and informative later on. The overall article is a bit biased and the paragraphs are not so connected to each other. The writing style is a bit informal.
The writer states that “Without Punjab’s support for the All India Muslim League… Pakistan would not have happened” (para 1), but reality is a bit different. Even today, a political person needs only the support of the landlords to get the votes, and at that time, people were not even as literate as they are now. According to Q. Abid and M. Abid, “In the 1937 elections the Unionist party was able to win a heavy mandate of the Muslims of the Punjab. On the other hand the Punjab Muslim League was able to win only two seats in the Punjab Assembly.” Jinnah had to make an alliance with the Unionist party to gain seats in Punjab in 1945.
In Para 2 and 3, the writer talks about the post partition situat...

... middle of paper ...

...econd last paragraph, writer has cited an incident from his life but has not concluded anything from it. Similarly, the last paragraph and the ending is abrupt. In the last few lines, the author has discussed the reactions to his previous articles and that the people have changed their opinions with time for an “unknown” reason that only Allah knows. All this was by no means related to the topic and for the last sentences of the article, one can only say that nobody sticks to the same opinion for the whole of their life. At some point in their lives, they have to change their opinions and there is nothing strange about it.

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