The Protection Of Wetland Protection Act Essay

The Protection Of Wetland Protection Act Essay

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Government puts Environmental regulations in place to protect human health as well as the health of various other species. For the protection of natural ecosystem the law of wetland protection act was brought by EPA. EPA, who share the responsibility for implementing the permitting program under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act. This act restrict landowners ability to develop their properties in certain ways. A perfect definition of wetland law is given by EPA: "wetlands" means those areas that are inundated by surface or ground water with a frequency sufficient to support and under normal circumstances does or would support a prevalence of vegetative or aquatic life that requires saturated or seasonally saturated soil conditions for growth and reproduction. Wetlands generally include swamps, marshes, bogs, and similar areas such as sloughs, potholes, wet meadows, river overflows, mud flats, and natural ponds.

Even if you think you 've been wronged, you can 't sue everyone involved in the sale of your home, as US has different laws in each state and punishable crime depends in which state a law is broken. So the following arguments can be made:

Rancors to Verbals

Most of the U.S. state has laws requiring sellers to inform buyers of certain defects in the property. By standard disclosure about the problems before the sale is been made.
But at the end it depends on the state as
Some states ' disclosure laws are more comprehensive than others. If the law doesn’t mention to speak up then the seller (verbals) may not be required to speak up. For an example, if this crime is committed in Massachusetts, then the general rule regarding undisclosed defects is “caveat emptor”/Buyer beware” which means the buyer himself is respon...

... middle of paper ...

... and the buyer can suit a case and ask for triple damages under the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Statute under section 11. But then there is a law which favours the estate broker, Under the Massachusetts General laws section 114: The estate agent does not voluntarily need to disclose “ “the fact or suspicion that real property may be psychologically impacted” as this “shall not be deemed a material fact required to be disclosed in a real estate transaction.” The term psychologically impacted includes the fact or suspicion that a prior occupant; home was the scene of a murder, felony, or suicide; or that the home “has been the site of an alleged parapsychological or supernatural phenomenon.” So, if you discover that your home was the site of a murder-suicide and you 've seen multiple ghosts, a real estate broker was under no duty to disclose any of this to you.

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