Protection, And The Ballot For Black Men Essay

Protection, And The Ballot For Black Men Essay

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protection, and the ballot for black men, but left women out. This shows how the United States and the government have been more concerned about race in America than gender. This specifically connects to the fact that gender discriminations are not going to change in the United States. There are still huge problems with discrimination of race in the United States, and it is obvious that, that has been a major priority over gender in the past.
Men are raised and brought up to believe that they are superior to women. Clavin Hernton states, “Men first, women second, moreover is individually and collectively vested in the concept of manhood” (Breaking Silences par 7). If this is true then there is no way that equality for women is in the near future. Men are being raised to believe that they are superior to women at young ages. If the male youth of America already believes they are greater than women, and that women are considered less, then there is no possible way that women will be considered equal to men. To take this a step further, in the black community, the Black male is looked at as even more superior. Any Black women who brings up sexual harassment in the African American community is looked at as a traitor by Black men. Black women are so used to this that they just internalized and accept the fact that they are looked upon as less in the community. It is the only way that they can go about their lives.
In the movie Confirmation it is evident that women are oppressed and that it will not be getting better anytime soon. There are multiple times in the movie that Anita Hill is discriminated against. For example one is when the committee that is in charge of the hearing changes the order in which Anita Hill and Clarence Tho...

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... a women looking for revenge on Clarence Thomas. As soon as she stepped foot in that room she was given this label, while Thomas got the label of “brother.” The brother label essentially means that there is a majority on his side looking out for him. Many things that Thomas did during the hearings can be described as stooping low. He played the race card, whined, and badgered the political officials, which can be seen as tactics that females would use. Everything Thomas used to attack Hill failed so these were the means he was forced to go to. Women of color are considered impure and this is a major reason why Hill was not believed. Because she was a women of color, the court did not find what she stated as accurate. Because the Senate was on Clarence Thomas’s side, they also looked for excuses to help his case. Jacqueline Pope states, “Too many African American men,

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